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Low Impedance Speaker Wiring for 4/8 Ohm Systems

Low Impedance Speaker Wiring for 4/8 Ohm Systems
I wrote this white paper a few months ago with the goal of demystifying loudspeaker wiring. Hooking up one pair of speakers (like you would on your HiFi) is fairly straight forward, but what if you need to use the same amplifier to drive several additional speakers?
There are two major types of speaker systems that are used in audio/video installations. Constant voltage (sometimes known as 70-volt or 100-volt), and ‘low impedance’ systems. In this primer, we will address the latter ‘low-impedance’
systems, and the proper method of wiring from an amplifier to one or more speakers.
TechLogix Networx features a collection of amplifiers that include low impedance models.

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