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Fiber Optic Jacket Stripper

The TechLogix TL-3STRIP is a professional-grade tool for preparing fiber optic cable for connector termination. It features three precise holes for use with various types of fiber optic cable, including both multimode and single mode, from virtually any manufacturer. 

The largest hole is ideal for stripping the 1.6 - 3mm fiber jacket down to the 600-900 micron buffer. The middle hole is ideal for stripping the 600-900 micron buffer down to the 250 micron coating. The smallest hole is ideal for stripping the 250 micron coating down to the 125 micron glass and/or polymer fiber. 

The TL-3STRIP is an essential tool for any fiber installer. 

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          • Ideal for preparing fiber optic cabling for termination
          • For use with both multimode and single mode fiber
          • High-quality steel construction
          • Stylish yellow plastic grips -- they're like a Ferrari for your fingers
          • Serrated blade
          • Safety lock
          • Spring design
          • Three-hole construction
        • Downloads

        • Multimode Cable - ECOFiber™ Single Mode Cable - ECOFiber™ ECO-ALC-BTL KIMWIPES 4x8

          Multimode Bulk Cable with Corning ClearCurve®

          Single Mode Bulk Cable with Corning SMF-28 Ultra®

          Alcohol Dispenser Bottle

          Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes

          1. Use the strippers. Remember... FERRARI ON YOUR FINGERS. 
        • Will this tool work with both multimode and single mode fiber and accessories? 

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          Fiber optic three-hole jacket/coating stripper