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Pre-made Fiber Cable -- DisplayPort 1.4


Sometimes simple is the best course of action. TechLogix TL-AOC-DP14 active optical cables combine the reliability and bandwidth of fiber with the installation-ease of a traditional DisplayPort interconnect. 

Available in stock lengths from 8m - 50m, TL-AOC-DP14 cables are DisplayPort 1.4 compliant, support resolutions up to 8K, and are completely immune to RF and EM interference. Plus, no external power supply is required. 

TechLogix AOC cables are ideal for high-bandwidth, mission-critical video distribution applications including control rooms, Esports competitions, video labs and other high-definition video distribution applications.  

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    • Plug-and-play operation
    • No power supply required
    • 8K60 DSC, 8K30, 4K120 video support
    • DisplayPort 1.4 compliant
    • Plenum-rated jacket
    • 32.4G bandwidth
    • Bend-insensitive fiber construction with pre-terminated DisplayPort connectors
    • 7.5mm minimum bend radius
    • Completely immune to RF and electromagnetic interference
    • Ultra-thin cable construction (5mm x 3mm)
    • 0 - 50 degree C (32 - 122 degree F) operating temperature
    • HDCP 2.2, HDR, BT.2020 color space compliant
    • 45kg (100lb) pull-rating
    • Backwards compatible with DisplayPort 1.2 and earlier versions
    • Integrated Forward Error Correction (FEC)
    • Expanded audio transport up to 32 channels
  • Specification Sheet

    1. Plug the cable into the devices you want to connect.
    2. Bask in the glory of your brilliance.
  • Is DisplayPort 1.4 backwards compatible with earlier versions of DisplayPort? 

    Do these cables require power? 
    Yes and no. They don't require an external power supply; however, they do draw power from the device's connector port. 
  • TechLogix Part# TechLogix SKU# Description
    TL-AOC-DP14-08 1007-0006 Pre-made Fiber DisplayPort 1.4 Cable -- 8m
    TL-AOC-DP14-10 1007-0007
    Pre-made Fiber DisplayPort 1.4 Cable -- 10m
    Pre-made Fiber DisplayPort 1.4 Cable -- 15m
    Pre-made Fiber DisplayPort 1.4 Cable -- 23m
    TL-AOC-DP14-30 1007-0010
    Pre-made Fiber DisplayPort 1.4 Cable -- 30m
    TL-AOC-DP14-50 1007-0011
    Pre-made Fiber DisplayPort 1.4 Cable -- 50m