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AV over IP control interface & TLXpress software server

AV over IP control interface & TLXpress software server

The TechLogix TL-IPTP-CI is a powerful control interface for linking IPFO Series encoders, decoders and 3rd party control systems. The TL-IPTP-CI serves as a logic interface that bridges commands between the AV over IP system and control systems, as well as a software server for TLXpress software.

In essence, the TL-IPTP-CI allows 4K video in the IPFO system to be routed on-demand from touch panels and remote controls from almost any 3rd party manufacturers’ control system.

The TL-IPTP-CI connects to the network via a twisted pair Ethernet port and connects to control systems via the network switch

For users without a dedicated control system, the TL-IPTP-CI features a built-in web server providing on-the-fly control via computers, tablets or any other smart device with a network connection.

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    • Connects to the network via a network switch or the Ethernet port on an IPFO Series encoder or decoder
    • Runs TLXpress server software
    • Operates as a live controller or as a background logic device
    • One Ethernet network connection port
    • Requires internet access for setup and configuration
    • Only one unit required per system
    • Provides 3rd party control system integration for IPFO encoders & decoders
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  • TL-IPFO-R01


    AV over IP Decoder (Receiver) for fiber optic networks.

    Fiber optic decoder that works with TL-IPTP-CI.

    AV over IP Encoder (Transmitter) for fiber optic networks.

    Fiber optic encoder that works with TL-IPTP-CI.

    1. Identify the network which connects to the TechLogix IP encoders and decoders.
    2. Connect the TL-IPTP-CI to the network via an Ethernet cable.
    3. Optionally connect the TL-IPTP-CI to a 3rd party control system via an RS232 cable.
    4. Connect the TL-IPTP-CI to the included DC 12V power supply.
    5. Connect the DC 12V power supply to a standard AC power outlet.
  • What comes in the package?
    Each TL-IPTP-CI package includes one control module and one power supply.

    What TechLogix encoders and decoders are compatible with the TL-IPTP-CI?
    The TL-IPTP-CI is compatible with the TL-IPFO-R01 and TL-IPFO-T01.

  • Part# TechLogix SKU#
    TL-IPTP-CI 2001-0005

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