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Fiber optic kevlar and aramid yarn sheers

Fiber Optic Kevlar / Aramid Yarn Sheers

The TechLogix TL-KSHEER is a professional-grade tool for preparing fiber optic cable for installation and termination. The KSHEERs aren't your grade-school scissors... they're designed to cut through the Kevlar and/or aramid yarn strength members found inside fiber optic cabling. 

The KSHEERs are super sharp (watch your fingers), super pointy (don't run with them), and super strong (think superman). They're an essential tool for any fiber installer. 

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          • Ideal for preparing fiber optic cabling for installation and termination
          • For use with both multimode and single mode fiber
          • High-quality carbon steel construction
          • Stylish orange rubber grips 
          • Ergonomically designed for use with both right and left handed users
          • Micro-serrated blade reduces slippage
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        • M3-50125DR


          Multimode Duplex Riser Cable

          1000' (330m) reel of OM3 Duplex Riser Fiber Optic Cable

          Multimode Duplex Plenum Cable

          1000' (330m) reel of OM3 Duplex Plenum Fiber Optic Cable

          1. Use the sheers... on fiber.... not your fingers.... or your teeth.... definitely don't pick your teeth with them. That would not end well. 
        • Will this tool work with both multimode and single mode fiber and accessories? 

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          Fiber optic kevlar and aramid yarn sheers

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