• TL-SMG-4C
  • TL-SMG-4C

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Share-Me™ DP table grommet

Share-Me™ Four Button Controller

The TL-SMG-4C is a table-mounted controller that is compatible with TechLogix Share-Me™ switchers (TL-SM3C-HD and TL-SM3C-HDV).  It adds volume, mute, and display control to a Share-Me™ system.

Simply install the TL-SMG-4C into your conference table, then connect it to the Share-Me™ switcher using the included cable. The buttons will automatically control the display to which you are connected... no programming or configuration needed!

Compatible switchers use CEC protocol (by default), which is standard on most consumer-grade flat panel displays. Other displays like commercial LCD's or projectors can be controlled by IR or RS232, which is easily configured from the Share-Me™ switcher's web page.

Alternatively, the TL-SMG-4C™ can be used as a standalone controller that can be connected directly to your display, giving you all the controls you need without expensive touchpanels or programming.


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    • Furniture-grade aluminum with black finish.
    • Install in surfaces up to 38mm (1.5”) thick in minutes.
    • Compatible with table hole diameters from 57mm – 70mm (2.25” – 2.75”).
    • Compatible with TL-SM3C-HD/HDV switchers.
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    1. Mark the location and CAREFULLY drill a 57mm (2.25") hole into the table surface.
    2. Use the included mounting screws and backplate to secure the unit in place.
    3. Connect the included 2m (6') cable between the unit and compatible switcher.
    4. Voila!
  • Which switchers can I use this with?
    This unit is compatible with the TL-SM3c-HD and the TL-SM3c-HDV.

    How does this actually control the display?
    The TL-SMG-4C sends serial commands out that the switchers recognize.  The switcher then sends out commands that the display can recognize.  The default display commands are CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) but you can use RS232 and IR as well.

    Can I use this as a standalone device?
    Yes! This can be used to control a display such as a multimedia projector directly.  The display must have an RS232 connection.

    How do I reprogram this to use as a standalone controller?
    Connect to your computer via USB and send it serial commands.  You'll need a  terminal emulator.  If you are using a PC, PuTTY or Docklight are great options; if you are on Mac - try 'Serial' or 'Serial Tools' from the app store. 

    Whoa, slow down!  What's a terminal emulator?
    It's a very simple way for two processors to communicate.  If you don't feel comfortable, just ask us and we will be happy to help!

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