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Fiber Optic Precision Wheel Cleaver


The TechLogix TL-SSF-CLV01 is a high-quality, precision wheel cleaver that's preconfigured for SSF-grade fiber optic cable, including both multimode and single mode constructions. 

The SSF-CLV01 is rated for 36,000 cleave cycles and features an adjustable blade for configuring cutting height. 


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          • Ideal for cleaving (cutting) fiber optic cable
          • Accepts 250um, 900um, 2mm & 3mm jacketed fibers
          • Precision wheel rated for 36,000 cleaves
          • Adjustable blade position
          • Preconfigured for SSF-grade fiber optic cable
          • Includes side-mounted disposal unit
          • Includes plastic case
          • Factory-certification for 90-degree face cleaves via microscope prior to shipping
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        • M3-50125DR


          Multimode Duplex Riser Cable

          1000' (330m) reel of OM3 Duplex Riser Fiber Optic Cable

          Multimode Duplex Plenum Cable

          1000' (330m) reel of OM3 Duplex Plenum Fiber Optic Cable

          1. Open the magnetic cleaver cover. 
          2. Place the prepared fiber optic cable horizontally across the cleaver wheel. 
          3. Close the magnetic cleaver cover. 
          4. Slide the lower tab forward. 
          5. Open the magnetic cleaver cover. 
        • Will this cleaver work with multiple types of fiber? 
          Yes, it accepts 250um, 900um, 2mm and 3mm jacketed fibers. 

        • Part# Description
          Fiber optic cleaver