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TLXpress server software for IPFO Series AV over IP devices

TLXpress software server for IPFO Series AV over IP devices

TechLogix pairs IPFO Series hardware with TLXpress software: a single platform for setup, configuration and ultimate system control. TLXpress provides the benefit of a drag-and-drop architecture, allowing virtually hundreds of encoders and decoders to be identified and programmed in minutes, including preset routing which can be triggered by a third-party control system.

TLXpress breaks system deployment into three simple steps:

  • Plan…by creating virtual floors, rooms and zones, as well as naming your sources and destinations.
  • Detect & Configure…by auto-detecting the compatible encoders and decoders on the network, profiling them and then linking the named sources and destinations.
  • Finish & Control…by creating the signal routing presets, exporting system reports and triggering system signal routing.

As an added benefit, TechLogix TLXpress software is compatible with other manufacturers’ technology, including SVSI’s N2000 Series, Matrix Maevex Series and any other company leveraging the Aptovision BlueRiver NT/NT+ API.

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  • Do I need to pay for TL-TLX-LIC licensing?
    If you are using the IPFO Series in a point-to-many, many-to-point, many-to-many or video wall application, TL-TLX-LIC licensing is required for at least one year. This will allow you to leverage TLXpress software to setup, configure and optionally control the system, as well as receive regular system updates and enhancements.

    Is TL-TLX-LIC licensing required each year?
    No, TL-TLX-LIC licensing is only required for the first year and can be built into the initial cost of the system. Subsequent years of licensing are optional.

    What happens if I don’t renew the licensing? Will my system still operate?
    Yes, the IPFO Series system will still operate as originally installed; however, the system will not receive TLXpress updates and feature enhancements. Plus, the addition of new encoders, decoders and major reconfigurations will require new licensing (just for the added components).

    If I let my licensing lapse and then want to upgrade and update the system, can I?
    Yes, TechLogix offers “catch up” licensing for systems with lapsed licensing that desire major upgrades or revisions.

    Why isn’t the cost of licensing built into the cost of the hardware?
    Not all applications require licensing, and building it into the cost of the hardware would drive up hardware costs.

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