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eSports FAQ and Signal Distribution Technology

eSports FAQ and Signal Distribution Technology

eSports Frequently Asked Questions

What is eSports? 

eSports is competitive, organized video gaming. Much like traditional sports, eSports is embraced by schools, colleges, libraries and a variety of private and public institutions to foster participant engagement, collaboration, teamwork, and career development skills.  


What market opportunities do eSports present?

eSports is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. In 2019 the market topped $1B and revenue growth is expected to exceed 25% annually over the next three years. 70% of schools are considering an eSports program and colleges already award over $15M per year in eSports scholarships.


Are eSports programs positive for institutions?

Studies prove the overwhelming benefit of eSports programs. eSports attracts broad interest, regardless of participant gender, ethnicity, cultural background, and physical and mental ability. Programs are highly inclusive, highly collaborative, and foster engagement with participants who may not be typically involved in extracurricular activities.


Are eSports programs positive for participants?

The skills developed through eSport engagement create career opportunities. Not only are there careers within the eSports industry, programs foster employment through traditional paths, including accounting, marketing, graphic design, and computer science. Within the audio-visual industry, eSport participation develops the skills used in programming, system design, and equipment installation.


How is TechLogix relevant to eSports?

A successful eSports experience is highly dependent on network and audio/video performance. The smallest amount of latency, or signal delivery delay, can affect performance and overall gaming enjoyment. 

Traditional cables can’t handle the internet speeds and high-definition video signals required for latency-free gaming, and TechLogix specializes in fiber optic solutions that deliver 10,000 times faster network connections and instantaneous 4K and 8K video streams.

TechLogix fiber-based technology delivers unparalleled signal speed and system reliability, whether gaming at home, school, or in professional competitions.


TechLogix eSports Technology

eSports cable

Fiber-based AV Cables

TechLogix fiber-based AV cables deliver instantaneous high-definition audio and video signals from the computer to the display, regardless of cable length. Plus, they’re completely immune to interference.



fiber patch cord

Standard Fiber Network Cables

TechLogix standard-construction fiber optic cables connect switches, modems and other network connected devices. They deliver up to 10,000 times faster speeds than traditional twisted pair cables.



Armored Fiber Network Cables

TechLogix armored cables combine the speed and reliability of fiber with the durability of stainless-steel armor. They’re ideal for connecting long-distance network equipment and any environment with regular handling.



armored fiber patch cords

Mission-Critical Fiber Network & AV Cables

TechLogix Black Series™ cables are designed for unrivaled durability and performance. They’re ideal for connecting network equipment and AV equipment via fiber-based extenders. Black Series™ cables combine micro stainless-steel armor with a military-grade tactical jacket.



video HDMI over fiber extenders

AV over Fiber Extenders

TechLogix AV over fiber extenders extend the distance between video sources and displays using interference-free, zero signal delay fiber optic cable.



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