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TechLogix Service Provider Solutions

TechLogix Service Provider Solutions

TechLogix manufactures a variety of solutions designed for service provider installation. Below is a list of commonly deployed products. 

Step-by-step termination videos and frequently asked questions are available in our Fiber Optic Resource Guide



Snap-On Fiber Connectors. TechLogix ECO Series™ field-installable connectors provide the quick, easy and reliable termination of fiber optic cable – no epoxy, crimping, polishing or proprietary tools. 

  • Built-in button for one-click termination
  • Built-in verification window showing proper termination
  • Re-terminate up to 5 times
  • Ultra-low loss
  • Self-centering alignment groove



Micro-Armored Fiber Patch Cords & Drop Cables. TechLogix ECO Series™ micro-armored fiber optic cables survive rough handling and extreme environments thanks to ultra-thin and pliable stainless-steel armor.

  • Internal helical stainless-steel micro armor
  • UV & water-rated jacket
  • 3mm overall cable diameter
  • 10mm bend-rating
  • 700lb crush-rating
  • -40 to 85 degree C operating temperature



Quick-Strip Outdoor Fiber Cable. TechLogix OSPFiber™ tackles drop, direct burial and aerial applications with a single universal construction. Plus, its quick-strip design terminates in less time than traditional cables.

  • 2, 6 & 12 strand constructions
  • UV & water-rated jacket
  • Zip-cord design with 250um subunits
  • Bend-insensitive single mode fiber
  • Integrated steel messenger wire for aerial suspension or underground toning 



Fiber Keystones & Couplers. TechLogix fiber optic keystones and couplers connect a variety of fiber optic connection types and cables.

  • 13mm panel-mount & keystone formats
  • High precision ceramic sleeve
  • Ultra-low loss
  • Available in a variety of colors & formats
  • APC & UPC polish
  • Available in single mode & multimode 



Mechanical Fiber Splices. TechLogix UNIV-SPLICE universal splice kits mechanically connect two single mode or multimode fiber optic cables together using a quick and simple one-click process.

  • Built-in button for one-click termination 
  • Built-in verification window showing proper termination
  • Compatible with 900um & 250um optical strands
  • No epoxy or polishing required



Universal Fiber Termination Kits. TechLogix ECO Series™ fiber termination kits include the tools required to terminate fiber optic cable and test connector and strand continuity. Tools are compatible with most major brands of cable and mechanical connectors.


  • Tool bag
  • Precision fiber optic cleaver
  • Aramid strand scissors
  • Tri-hole fiber stripper
  • Metric ruler
  • Visual fault locator
  • Barrel-style visual fault locator adapter
  • Pump-style alcohol dispensing bottle
  • Lint-free cleaning wipes
  • Permanent marker



Linkable Fiber Switches. TechLogix NS42-POE network switches deliver gigabit ethernet via twisted pair and fiber, creating a flexible solution for linking multi-dwelling units and multi-drop installations.

  • 4 dedicated RJ45 ports, 1 dedicated fiber SFP port & 1 RJ45/fiber SFP combo port
  • 30W PoE per channel
  • Redundant power inputs & reverse power protection
  • 12KV surge protection per channel
  •  -40 to 75 degree C operating temperature



About TechLogix Networx

A division of NSI Industries, TechLogix develops and manufactures high-bandwidth, leading-edge fiber optic solutions. They specialize in products supporting last-mile fiber deployment, while simplifying installations with innovative connectors, cables and electronics.

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