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1G Multimode SFP Transceiver Module

The TL-1GSFP-MM550 multi-mode transceivers are small form factor pluggable module for bi-directional serial optical data communications such as Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASESX and Fiber Channel FC-PH-2 for 100-M5-SN-1 and 100-M6-SN-1. It features a SFP 20-pin connector to allow hot plug capability. This module is designed for multi-mode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 850nm.

The transmitter section uses a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitted Laser (VCSEL) which is a Class 1 laser compliant according to International Safety Standard IEC 60825. The receiver section uses an integrated GaAs detector preamplifier (IDP) mounted in an optical header and a limiting post-amplifier IC.


Technical Features

  • Hot-pluggable SFP 20-pin connector
  • Single mode fiber compatible
  • Duplex LC connectors
  • 1000Mbps max data rate
  • 550m/1805ft max cable distance over OM2~5
  • 275m/902ft max cable distance over OM1
  • 850nm wavelength



Specification Sheet

Statement of Volatility