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ECOConnectors™ - LC


ECO Series™ Field-Assembly LC Type Fiber Optic Connectors

TechLogix ECO Series™ field-installable fiber optic connectors are designed for quick, easy and reliable termination of 250μm, 900μm and 2.0mm fiber cables, including both distribution and zip-cord configurations.

ECO Series™ connectors are compatible with both single mode (OS1 & OS2) and multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4) fiber and are available in standard (UPC) and angled (APC) pre-polished formats. No epoxying, crimping, polishing or proprietary tools are required for termination.

Unlike other connectors which are marketed as “one-size fits all”, ECO Series™ connectors are specific to 250μm, 900μm and 2.0mm cables to ensure perfect alignment, reducing refraction and signal loss. And regardless of cable, a large built-in verification window, self-centering alignment groove and easy-to-press button for one-click termination ensures installation times around two minutes.


Technical Features

  • LC type connectors
  • Pre-polished for UPC (standard) & APC (angled) connections
  • Compatible with single mode (OS1 & OS2) & multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4) cable
  • Compatible with 250μm, 900μm & 2.0mm cable, including distribution and zip-cord formats
  • No proprietary tools required
  • No epoxy, crimping or polishing required
  • Built-in verification window showing proper termination
  • Self-centering alignment groove for easy & reliable insertion of the fiber optic strand
  • Built-in button for one click termination & locking jig release
  • Average termination time around two minutes
  • Re-usable (five or less termination cycles recommended)




LC to 900µm (distribution) cable

Quick Guide 

LC to 2mm Duplex (zip) cable

Quick Guide



Part# Compatible Fiber Type Recommended Cable Type Polish Color
SM9-LC Single Mode (OS1, OS2) 9/125μm 250μm, 900μm Distribution Style UPC (standard) Blue
SM9-LCA Single Mode (OS1, OS2)9/125μm 250μm, 900μm Distribution Style APC (angled) Green
SM2-LC Single Mode (OS1, OS2)9/125μm 2.0mm Zip-Cord Style UPC (standard) Blue
SM2-LCA Single Mode (OS1, OS2)9/125μm 2.0mm Zip-Cord Style APC (angled) Green
MM9-LC Multimode (OM2, OM3, OM4) 50/125μm 250μm, 900μm Distribution Style UPC (standard) Aqua
MM2-LC Multimode (OM2, OM3, OM4) 50/125μm 2.0mm Zip-Cord Style UPC (standard) Aqua
M19-LC Multimode (OM1) 62.5/125 μm 250μm, 900μm Distribution Style UPC (standard) Beige