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Tele-Titan Xg Crimper


Streaming media whether data, audio or video, is on a sharp rise and users are demanding more bandwidth. That means bigger cable, commonly referred to as CAT6E, CAT6A and CAT7, and usually shielded. For maximum performance, connector and crimp tool choice is critical. Our CAT6A/10Gig termination system not only meets, but exceeds these requirements.

Tele-TitanXg™ Cat6A/10Gig Crimp Tool is only compatible with our RJ45 CAT6A 10Gig Shielded Connector.

  • Specifically made for terminating, P/N 106190 CAT6A/10Gig connectors.
  • Straight action vertical crimp force.
  • Minimal hand force for a perfect crimp.
  • Compact and rugged.
  • Terminates to industry specified crimp heights.
  • Stays securely closed with gun-style lock.
  • Built-in cable stripper for round wire and flat satin.
  • Easily control the blade depth when stripping.
  • Built-in cable cutter.
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10Gig Termination Kit Contents

  • Tele-TitanXg® Cat6A/10Gig Crimp Tool
  • RJ45 Cat6A/10Gig Shielded Connectors 100pcs
  • Cyclops®2 Cable Jacket Stripper
  • CT-360 External Ground Crimp Tool
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