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1G BiDi SFP Transceiver Modules (Set) - Simplex Fiber

The majority of fiber optic cable installed for audio, video, network and control is two strand (duplex) count or greater. This is because most fiber optic electronics, including SFP modules, segregate send and receive signal transmission onto two separate fiber strands. 

Simplex (or one strand) fiber is typically relegated to telecommunications runs, such as ISP feeds outside of a building. However, from time-to-time simplex fiber finds its way into applications where multistrand is required, either from damaged cable or a previously installed or mis-specified cable. 

The TechLogix TL-1GSFP-BD SFP solves this problem by multiplexing duplex communication onto a simplex cable. 

Each TL-1GSFP-BD includes two matching transceivers that feature a single LC connection. The transceivers must be used in pairs and are compatible with standard 1G network switches, media converters and other 1G-based IP devices. 

For added versatility, the TL-1GSFP-BD is compatible with both single mode and multimode fiber. Single mode supports transmission distances up to 6.2 miles, whereas multimode supports transmission distances up to 492 feet. 


Technical Features

  • Sold as a set (matched pair)
  • Hot-pluggable SFP 20-pin connector
  • Compatible with single mode or multi-mode fiber optic cable
  • Duplex LC connectors
  • 1000Mbps max data rate
  • 10km/6.2 mile max cable distance
  • DOM support (Digital Optical Monitoring)
  • 1310nm/1550nm wavelength




Statement of Volatility