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Fiber-based Media Converter -- SFP to SFP


TechLogix media converters adapt fiber signals to a variety of different formats and/or cable types.

The TL-MC-1S1S features two SFP ports (SFP module sold separately), effectively adapting signals between different fiber types. In most applications, the TL-MC-1S1S adapts single mode fiber to multimode fiber and vice versa. 

The TL-MC-1S1S supports multimode fiber when paired with a multimode SFP module and single mode fiber when paired with a single mode SFP module


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    • Convert signals between different fiber types (single mode to multimode and vice versa)
    • Two SFP (fiber) ports
    • 100Mbps to 1250Mbps data rates
    • 850nm/1310nm/1490nm/1550nm supported wavelengths
    • Single mode and multimode fiber compatible (SFP module dependent)
    • SFP module sold separately 
    • Suggested multimode module: TL-1GSFP-MM550
    • Multimode max distance: 550m (1,805 ft.)
    • Suggested single mode module: TL-1GSFP-SM20K
    • Single mode max distance: 20km (12.4 miles)
    • 0 degree to 60 degree C operating temperature
    • 1.0" x 2.75" x 3.6" (26mm x 70mm x 93mm)
    • 5V power supply (included)
    • IEEE 802.3z & 802.3ab compliant
    • 1000Base - SX/LX/EX/ZX
    • Diagnostic LEDs
    • Plug-and-play compliant
  • Manual/Specifications

  •  SFP Module - Multimode Fiber SFP Module - Single Mode Fiber
    Use up to two per media converter. Compatible with 2-Strand Multimode (OM3/4/5) fiber optic cable and has a maximum distance of 550 meters.
    Use up to two per media converter. Compatible with 2-Strand Single Mode (OS2) fiber optic cable and has a maximum distance of 20 kilometers.
    1. Power off the connecting devices that the media converters will be connected to.
    2. Install compatible single mode or multimode SFP modules (sold separately).
    3. Connect the fiber optic cable to the SFP modules.
    4. Connect the power supply to the media converter.
    5. Brilliant!
  • What comes in the package?
    One TL-MC-1S1S media converter.

    What type of fiber is compatible with my media converter?
    Multimode with a compatible multimode SFP module. Single mode with a compatible single mode SFP module.  

    What’s the max length of fiber I can connect to my media converter?
    20km (12.4 miles) when using a compatible single mode SFP module.

  • TechLogix Part# TechLogix SKU#
    TL-MC-1S1S 1002-0210