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1G Ethernet PoE Extender - 30W

The TechLogix Networx TL-PE-30W is designed to extend connection distances from a PoE source to an output device another 100 m (328 ft.) via twisted pair cable. You can cover even longer distances by cascading these extenders on a network. The TL-PE-30W does not need any additional power supply, as it draws the power it needs from the PoE input.

You can daisy-chain multiple of the TL-PE-30W to increase the transmission distance even further. For each PoE extender added, you lose about 4 watts of usable PD power, but if you start with a device that outputs 30 watts of IEEE 802.3at power then you still have 8.6 watts for your PoE device, 5 TL-PE-30Ws down the line and 600 meters (1968 ft.) away.


Technical Features

  • Extends an existing PoE connection beyond the 100m (328-ft.) limit
  • Saves time and money by delivering data and power via existing network cables
  • Daisy-chain up to five PoE extenders for a distance of up to 600 m (1968 ft.)
  • Supports 10/100/1000 Mbps data rates and delivers up to 25 W to a connected PoE device
  • PoE awareness ensures that power is only sent to IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant devices, non-PoE devices only receive data
  • Requires no additional power supply; draws the power directly from the PoE input
  • LEDs for PoE and data
  • Mounting holes for wall mounting
  • Fully NDAA-compliant



Technical Specifications

Product Manual

Statement of Volatility