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VFL adapter for LC connectors -- 2.5mm to 1.25mm

Visual Fault Locator Adapter for LC Connectors -- 2.5mm to 1.25mm

The TechLogix TL-VFL-LC-ADPT adapts a visual fault locator's standard 2.5mm connection to a 1.25mm connection, making it compatible with LC style connectors. 

The VFL-LC-ADPT is universally designed for 2.5mm connections and is an essential accessory for any fiber optic installer. 


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          • Adapts a 2.5mm connection to a 1.25mm connection
          • Adapts visual fault locators for use with LC style connectors
          • Precision designed for use with all makes of 2.5mm visual fault locators
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        • TL-VFL-1MW

          Visual Fault Locator

          1mW fiber optic visual fault locator for distances up to 5km

          1. Plug the VFL-LC-ADPT onto the end of your VFL. 
          2. Power the VFL on. 
          3. Don't look at the light. Laser light is bad for your eyes. Seriously. Very bad. Very, very bad. 
        • Is this adapter universally compatible with VFLs. 
          Yes, provided your VFL has a 2.5mm connector.

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          Visual Fault Locator LC connector adapter -- 2.5mm to 1.25mm

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