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 Universal Fiber Mechanical Splice Kit -- 5 pack

The TechLogix UNIV-SPLICE-005 mechanically splices two single mode or multimode fiber optic cables together using a quick and simple process that's ideal for in-field use.

Mechanical splices are commonly used to connect two fiber optic cables together, including accidentally cut or broken cables. They are also ideal for joining different types of cables (such as 250um micro distribution to 900um tight-buffered distribution) and extending cable lengths without the need for in-line connectors, couplers and enclosures.

The UNIV-SPLICE-005 requires a standard fiber optic cleaver and 3-hole stripper for installation (both are part of the TechLogix ECO-TERMK-01 termination kit) and includes five mechanical splices, ten build-up tubes, cleaning supplies, and an cleave jig to ensure proper preparation of the fiber optic cable strands.


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      • Join two fiber optic cables together without polishing, epoxy or adhesive
      • Compatible with both single mode and multimode fiber
      • Compatible with 250um and 900um fiber
      • Requires a standard fiber optic cleaver and 3-hole stripper for installation
      • Ideal for in-field use
      • Kit includes (5) mechanical splices, (10) build-up tubes, (10) cleaning cloths, (1) alignment jig
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    • ECO-TERMK-01


      Fiber Optic Termination Kit

      Includes the basic tools required to terminate fiber optic cable using mechanical connectors.

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    • Part# Compatible Fiber Type
      Recommended Cable Type Included


      Multimode, Single Mode

      250µm, 900µm, Distribution Style

      5x Mechanical Splices, 10x Build Up Tubes - 250µm, 1x Cleaving Jig