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Application Guide: Demarc Wiring with Fiber Optic Cable

Application Guide: Demarc Wiring with Fiber Optic Cable

One of the most common applications for fiber optic cabling is demarcation wiring, including connecting the fiber service feed to the building’s network distribution point. Integrators are commonly faced with:

  1. Existing installations where the service feed must be moved or extended
  2. New construction where the service feed isn’t yet installed and a demarcation point must be prepared by the integrator
Both applications typically require an outdoor-rated enclosure with integrated coupler and single mode fiber optic cable terminated with a single mode fiber connector.

Application Design Notes: 

Demarcation wiring almost always requires single mode (OS2) fiber optic cable. Never pull multimode fiber to the demarcation point unless specifically required by the internet service provider. All cable before the modem should be single mode fiber.

SC-style connectors are commonly used in demarcation wiring and are available in two formats: APC (angled polish) and UPC (ultra or flat polish). APC connectors are typically green and UPC connectors are typically blue. Always terminate single mode connectors onto single mode fiber and try to match the connector type to the service provider’s connector type. When in doubt, terminate APC (green) connectors.
Fiber optic cable is available in a variety of formats. Outdoor rated (weather-proof) cable is used if conduit is in place. Direct burial (weather-proof and armored) cable is used if the cable will be buried directly in the soil.

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    Commonly Integrated Products: 


    Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Boxes

    Wall-boxes provide a secure connection point to connect fiber optic cables and manage service loops. View


    Couplers mount inside wall-boxes and physically connect two cables. View

    Pre-Terminated Fiber Cable

    Premade fiber optic cables arrive pre-terminated with connectors and are available in stock and custom configurations. View

    Bulk Fiber Cable

    Bulk fiber cable requires termination in the field and is available in stock and custom configurations, including with direct burial armor. View


    Fiber Optic Connectors

    Fiber optic connectors terminate on bulk fiber cable. View

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