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MOFO™ Fiber-based 8K HDMI Cables

MOFO™ Fiber-based 8K HDMI Cables

TechLogix MOFO™ HDMI cables leverage a true fiber core to deliver unparalleled speed, bandwidth and reliability. Pre-terminated connectors accommodate installations in seconds and the optical construction provides complete immunity to RF, EM and electrical interference. Plus, MOFO™ cables are built with four strands of re-terminable multimode fiber allowing cable runs to be upgraded and re-purposed in the future. 


48G HDMI 2.1 | 8K60

Don't compromise. MOFO™ cables feature the most recent HDMI 2.1 specification, including all of its features and benefits. 

  • 48G 8K60 Dynamic HDR / HDCP 2.2 / 3D / Deep Color
  • VRR / QMS / QFT / ALLM / DSC
  • Multi-channel audio / Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master Audio / ARC / eARC
  • EDID / CEC / HEC


Compatibility Forwards and Backwards

Install MOFO™ cables knowing your installation is covered -- forwards and backwards. Leverage HDMI 2.1 for cutting-edge 8K devices or integrate legacy hardware knowing you have an upgrade path.... MOFO™ cables are completely backwards compatible with older 1080p and 4K technology.  

Unlike other connectivity options, MOFO™ even drives beyond HDMI. The true fiber core can be spliced and re-terminated with standard fiber optic connectors. A MOFO™ cable used for HDMI today can be re-purposed for internet or other audio/video formats tomorrow.  

Reterminate HDMI cable


Easy Installation

MOFO™ cables are designed for easy installation and long-term performance. The fiber core delivers immunity from RF and electromagnetic interference, and an integrated copper lead delivers power and sync signals from end-to-end. No external power supply is required, even over longer distances. 

And you can leave your kid gloves at home.... MOFO™ cables feature a 70lb pull-rating and 1.8 inch minimum bend radius. 


Learn More (and don't forget DisplayPort & USB)

Learn more, peruse specifications and watch product videos on the TechLogix MOFO™ product page

MOFO™ cables are also available in DisplayPort and USB configurations. Same great performance. Same great upgrade path. Just a different connector format. 


MOFO HDMI cable fiber specs

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