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Minum and Maxum Self-Adjusting Wire Strippers

Heavy duty, self adjusting wire stripping and cutting tool. Ergonomic handle is designed for comfort and reduces fatigue. The auto form laminated stripping jaws form around the radius of the cable to ensure no damage to the inner conductor.

  • Set adjustable wire stop for precise strip lengths.
  • High leverage built-in cutter with safety guard.
  • Made of high grade polymers and carbon steels to ensure long life and reliable performance.


For use with PVC insulated wires and cables, solid or stranded:

Maxim 6: 0.2 - 6mm SQ

  • 24-10 AWG stripping range
  • 30-10 AWG cutting range

Maxim  16: 6 - 16mm SQ

  • 10-5 AWG stripping range
  • 10-5 AWG cutting range

Minim 2.5: 0.2 - 2.5mm SQ

  • 30-13 AWG stripping range
  • 30-13 AWG cutting range