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MOFO-PT Accessories


MOFO™ Media Over Fiber Optic cable plate connectivity points

The TechLogix MOFO™ PT Series is the first HDMI & USB plate solution backed with fiber. 

Forget clunky extenders and bandwidth-limited copper cable. The MOFO™ PT Series combines fiber-based cabling with traditional table inserts and wallplates, delivering cleaner installations, fewer failure points and better bandwidth. Simply pull, plug and play. 

The MOFO™ PT Series includes HDMI and USB cables in a variety of lengths, aluminum table insert grommets in black or white finish, and aluminum decora wall plates in black or white finish. If the wall box is too shallow for the head of the cables, add a wall plate spacer or two; each spacer adds 5.3mm (0.21 in) from the wall to the wall plate. Simply combine components based on your installation.

Compatible HDMI and USB cables are sold separately.


Technical Features

  • Cast aluminum with embedded threaded brass inserts
  • Recommended for conduit/pipe/duct diameters of 1 1/2" or greater
  • Recommended for 2" wallboxes -- available spacer for shallower boxes


Technical Specifications

MOFO-PT-TA1 - Table Insert

MOFO-PT-WD1 - Wall Plate Insert (1 Cutout)

MOFO-PT-WD2 - Wall Plate Insert (2 Cutouts)

MOFO-PT-WDX - Wall Plate Cover

MOFO-PT-WS1 - Wall Plate Spacer

TechLogix MOFO™ Solution Guide