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2-port Indoor Wall-Box

The TechLogix TL-2P-DB-O is a simple, cost-effective solution for terminating, adapting, and coupling fiber optic cables in the field. Its durable plastic construction makes it ideal for indoor applications, and its modular design accommodates up to two standard couplers or adapters for four total strands of fiber. 

Note: The compatible fiber optic adapters and couplers are sold separately. The TL-2P-DB-O supports universally sized panel-mount adapters. 


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        • 2 total customizable ports for use with TechLogix couplers and adapters (sold separately)
        • Supports up to four total strands of fiber (two duplex adapters/couplers)
        • Built-in fiber cable coiler for strain-relief
        • Plastic construction
        • Indoor rated
        • 1.5" x 8.0" x 4.5" (3.5cm x 20.5cm x 11.5cm)
        • Compatible with both single mode and multimode cable and adapters/couplers
      • Assembly Instructions

      • S2D-ADPT-LCLC


        LC to LC single mode coupler


        LC to LC multimode coupler

        OM2, OM3, OM4

        1. Open the TL-2P-DB-O by separating the top and bottom panels. 
        2. Mount the bottom panel to a flat surface. 
        3. Insert your fiber optic cable and coil excess around the internal coiler. 
        4. Insert your couplers and/or adapters. 
        5. Connect your fiber optic cabling to the couplers and/or adapters. 
        6. Install the top panel. 
      • What adapters and couplers are compatible with this wall-box. 
        The TL-2P-DB-O is compatible with universally sized panel-mount fiber optic adapters, including options for LC and SC connectors. View the compatible options.

      • Part# SKU# Description

        Wall-mount fiber distribution box -- 2 port with indoor rating