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Fiber Video Extension

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Fiber was made for AV.  And no one understands Media over Fiber Optics™ better than TechLogix.

Fiber isn’t just a category of products, it’s the future of AV.  Fiber sends signals further, more reliably and with far greater bandwidth than traditional copper. Plus, it’s actually easier to work with and comparably priced.

TechLogix will help you enter the fiber-age with complete Media over Fiber Optic solutions, including bulk cable, patch cords, electronics and accessories.


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Why Fiber? Because anything twisted pair can do, fiber does better.

  • Media over Fiber systems are immune to power surges, electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. That means no more signal drop outs, device reboots and blown equipment. 

  • Fiber is actually easier to work with than twisted pair and won’t corrode over time. Bulk fiber terminates 50% quicker than traditional twisted pair, offers reusable connectors, and is 10x stronger and more pliable than most copper-based systems.

  • Fiber delivers better signal distribution. Glass simply provides a much larger pipe for sending HDMI, DisplayPort, USB and other high-bandwidth signals, resulting in a cleaner image and crisper audio.

  • Fiber is affordable. End-to-end, Media over Fiber systems are comparably priced to copper-based systems.

TechLogix makes Media over Fiber Optics™ easy. Here’s how we help you get started. 

    Bulk Cable

    Tactical Cable

    Patch Cords

    Signal Distribution Electronics

    Termination Kits



Below is a list of our most common products. Contact us to help assemble these into a complete solution.

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